Tajikistan Disaster Management

Global Partners Tajikistan began responding to natural and man-made disasters in 1998.

Our Disaster Management Team (DMT) was involved in helping a village in the Badakhshan province of Northern Afghanistan recover from a flood that washed away four homes and 23 flour mills in the summer floods of 2005. The team provided material to the villagers so they could rebuild their mills and over half a kilometer of water canals. The DMT also finished a rebuilding project in cooperation with Shelter For Life in Ghalaba in the Khatlon Province. Forty-eight homes were constructed by the villagers themselves to replace homes washed away in rainstorms in June of 2005. The DMT followed up this project with disaster preparedness training emphasizing better home designs that will help them withstand extreme weather in the future.

More recently, GP aid workers from our Panjikent office responded to Tajik people affected by flooding in the Zarafshan Valley in 2010:

“We distributed 190 bags of flour to flood victims and gave out cement to help rebuild houses that were destroyed in the flood,” the GP worker reported. In the same town, an ongoing food kitchen project provided more than $20,000 worth of lunches for the poor and sick.

Global Partners quickly aided villages throughout the valley and:

• Built a bridge near the village of Rovadin to facilitate continuation of transportation and commerce
• Repaired a drinking water line in Zosun village that had been destroyed in a flood
• Constructed desks for the local school in the village of Voru
• Conducted a river bank enforcement project in Maikata, to protect the village from future flooding

After the flash floods of August 2010 that hit the town of Gharm and the villages of Navdi and Shul, Global Partners aid workers cut down and removed dead trees, provided diesel to clear roads and purchased water pipes to restore drinking water. GP rebuilt a foot-bridge to restore access to neighborhoods, and dug a canal where the river used to be.

Tajikistan Water Projects

In Tajikistan, many people now have access to clean drinking water because of Global Partners.

“The 2010 well-digging project in Shartuz District created six clean drinking water wells and is an ongoing project,” one GP worker said. “The project has benefited over 1,000 people so far. We will continue the well project in Khatlon Region expanding our operations to many more villages.”

A recent irrigation project in the village of Shahidi Bobohon of Khatlon Region benefitted 800 people who rely on crops from the fields surrounding their village. And a water project provided natural spring water to the 600 people of Takob village (Varzob District).

In the arid Zarafshan Valley, Global Partners conducted drinking water projects in the Yovon Aini region and in the village of Revad. To ensure that local villages in the Hadishar and Mastcho region could grow vital crops for their families, GP provided pipe to repair a much needed water line for irrigating fields and trees.

GP is always looking for sustainable ways to get water to thirsty mouths and dry fields. In the village of Safed Hok, GP provided a water wheel to a farmer as a test model. The design of this project is to help farmers by moving irrigation water from canals and rivers to higher ground. GP also purchased and installed 5km of water pipe to this village, providing 20 homes with drinking water. Another 150 homes benefited from drinking water received from 5km of water pipe that GP installed to the nearby village of Belgi.