Global Partners helps communities build sustainable programs that improve their economic and social stability. In 2014, alongside local leadership, Global Partners was able to repair or establish more than 200 wells, provide the materials to build reservoirs and dams, and much more. With the help of local partners, we are able to accomplish more and inspire community pride.  

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Through vocational and agricultural training, Global Partners enables individuals to fulfill their own needs and the needs of others. Global Partners is continually partnering with local leadership in the communities we serve to meet long-term needs. In recent months, Global Partners has trained more than 100 widows with sewing and literacy skills and has provided training for business owners.

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Seeking to improve health care delivery systems, Global Partners trains health care workers in remote communities. Recently, Global Partners has started dental and vision clinics in rural Chinese villages and has provided medical care to a leper colony in Tajikistan. These are only a few of the medical needs that Global Partners has facilitated in the regions we serve.

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Global Partners provides food, shelter, and medical care to those affected by disasters. In the aftermath of landslides, avalanches and floods, Global Partners helps hundreds of families each year.

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Global Partners meets the needs of refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) and works to improve their quality of life. Recently, Global Partners has provided winter supplies to refugee families, trained IDPs with job skills such as carpentry or auto repair, and facilitated literacy programs in refugee camps. Global Partners is committed to meeting the needs of refugees and IDPs in our areas of service. 

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